Website Hosting & Maintenance

So you have your website, now it needs to be hosted and maintained regularly. Our affordable website hosting & maintenance packages take the technical pressure away from you, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Web hosting and maintenance AJ Digital

Website hosting & maintenance packages that take the technical pressure off your shoulders.

Website hosting

Your website cannot exist without website hosting. Our cloud hosting solutions are one of the best on the market.

Website security

Website security prevents and hackers or attacks from penetrating your website.

Website optimisation

The more optimised your website is, the better it ranks on search engines and the more usable it is for your users.

Website updates

Frameworks, libraries, plugins and much more are constantly in need of updating. But updating them at the right time is crucial.

Website uptime monitoring

We keep a check on the live status of your website 24/7 to ensure it’s not down for your users.

Website backups

We keep daily backups of your website to protect against the chance of anything going wrong.

SSL certificate

All websites need SSL certificates to ensure data is encrypted and secure. An SSL shows users you are a trustable website.

Content updates

We can offer content updates on your website for things such as uploading blogs / amendments to content and media.

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In summary

Website maintenance is crucial for all websites that exist. For a small monthly fee, we can take care of all the technical fundamentals that need to be performed every month and ensure your website is performing at its optimum.

When you weigh up what is included in the package, you will see the value profoundly exceeds the price you pay. 

Website hosting & maintenance packages starting from just...
£ 100
per month

Prices can vary based on many factors such as the size/type of your website, as well as the amount of maintenance it requires.